Contracting With Us

  • We offer a sole-source vehicle with awards that are not subject to protest
  • Sole-source awards to an NHO within the Department of Defense (DoD) may be of any value
  • Significant reduction of project acquisition lead times
  • Assists in meeting Small Business and federal socioeconomic contracting goals
  • Significant majority of Akahi's profits directly benefit Native Hawaiians

Why Contract With a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO)?

Akahi can support any contract focused on providing healthcare staff augmentation and related support. As an NHO-owned company, we offer the option of saving the Government both time and money by simplifying the acquisition process through use of our sole-source award capability. Within the DoD, these sole-source awards may be of unlimited value. In addition our Mentor- Protégé relationship with InGenesis, Inc., enables us to support requirements of any size across the U.S. and its territories.

Past Performance

As an emerging small business and in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 15.305, we utilize the personal experience of our Key Personnel Our corporate leadership and key personnel bring more than 50 combined years of experience managing thousands of healthcare professionals across hundreds of federal, state, and local contracts. As an NHO, we are able to utilize the common infrastructure of our sister companies, including management and administrative support, while remaining legally non-affiliated in accordance with 13 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 121.103.2 and 13 CFR 124.109 Our company's foundation is quality customer service; we understand the best way to help U.S. Government agencies meet their mission is by remaining committed to doing the best job possible at all times. Because of this, we also employ detailed Quality Control Plans for all of our contracts which establish our management and quality assurance procedures, to include corrective actions when needed.