About Us

The NHO advantage

The benefits to contracting with us include:

  • You gain an uncontestable, sole-source contracting vehicle
  • We can accept direct awards of any size within the DoD
  • We can accept direct awards up to $4 million in all federal agencies outside of the DoD
  • Significant reduction of project acquisition lead times
  • We can work with you to customize Statements of Work (SOWs) which match your specific program requirements
  • Progress toward achieving small business contracting goals
  • The comfort of working with a proven management team with an outstanding performance track record


Akahi Associates understands the unique needs and high levels of expectation for providing the highest quality healthcare professionals to federal and military treatment facilities. We distinguish ourselves through our strategic, in-house recruiting capabilities and our total dedication to outstanding customer service. These core competencies, coupled with our national reach of staffing positions throughout the Continental United States (CONUS), Alaska, Hawaii, and American Samoa, makes us a truly unique small business entity in the federal marketplace.

Native Hawaiian Organizations (NHOs)

Spearheaded by the late U.S. Sen. Daniel Ken Inouye and made permanent by Congress in 2006, the SBA's NHO 8(a) Program recognizes NHOs as socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses. As an NHO-owned 8(a) company, Akahi is afforded the contracting advantages of other 8(a) small businesses, including the ability to accept non-contestable sole-source awards of any value within the Department of Defense (DoD) or up to $4 million in non-DoD federal agencies.

Akahi was established in 2007 and acquired by the Native Hawaiian Legal Defense & Education Fund (NHLDEF) in 2013. NHLDEF is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Native Hawaiians by advocating and promoting their civil rights through legal/political efforts, education, and community economic development. NHLDEF understands the unique position of Native Hawaiians in the United States socially, culturally, politically, and economically, and seeks to ensure that the rights and interests of all Native Hawaiians are protected. Through its commonly owned subsidiaries such as Akahi, NHLDEF has returned more than $2 million in profits to the Native Hawaiian population through various social and community programs.

For more information, please visit NHLDEF's website: www.nhldef.org.


Akahi is partnered in an SBA-approved Mentor-Protégé relationship with InGenesis, Inc., one of the leading medical staffing firms in the U.S. Through this relationship, we have established a Joint Venture with InGenesis (Akahi InGenesis Partners, LLC), which benefits federal customers through performance and financial stability.